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I have nothing to say. Absolutely nothing.  That's the problem i live in a little bubble of nothing. Nothing ever happens here in Westhampton beach. I do nothing. I go nowhere.  All sorts of interesting things happen near by but just far enough to be not worth the trip.  I talk to people from other parts of long island, they assure me that there is plenty going on, but when pressed to give details it all turns out to be far away.  I am trapped in this purgatory, forever haunted by memories of a more exciting life.  St. Andrews was good to me, even at the worst of times it was never dull. And ok so the the mojahvi  dessert was slowly killing me (literally, i spent so much time in the intensive care unit that I ended up daiting one of the on call nurses) ; but i always had something to look forward to.  Here there is just nothing.  I used to worry that when I get back to scotland, it might not be the same. That Andrea might not want me back ; that i may end up spend the rest of my life sitting in a pub trying to relive my glory days. I don't wory anymore. Even that would be preferable to this endless nothing.


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Mar. 17th, 2009 11:26 am (UTC)
At least your boredom isn't interspersed with hospital visits and chronic pain... I have nearly achieved full sofa-meld here - exciting stuff is happening, but I can't travel, can't even walk far. I'd love to be able to get to the seaside or a forest and just sit for a bit, maybe amble about for a while (I can manage that!) - nothing exciting just out of the city. Do you still have those Necrons? Maybe you could finish painting them... Or there's alway Magic the Gathering.

Anyway, nice to see you back online and if you ever feel like swapping dull Long Island for dull Lincoln for a little while you would be welcome to visit.
Mar. 17th, 2009 10:03 pm (UTC)
well it is not always so dull here. when the weather warms we get weekenders from the city and the beaches open again. The surf is erratic in the winter, so it is to dangerous to go to the beach now. I really miss gamesoc, there is friday night magic here,, but everyone is so ruthlessly competitive. No one even makes their own decks, they just download deck-lists. For some reason winter here makes me very lethargic, i'm there with you on the couch meld. I'v actually got all the dialog from the buffy omnibus memorized.
Oh and speaking of necrons, i'm building a hoard of mini robots, now all i need is a one inch tall army and i will crush them. MUA HAHAH!! yes delusions of mediocrity are fun.
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