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this just needs to be said

Before i go off on a rant, i would like to introduce you to a very entertaining and perhaps even useful website about words. www.urbandictionary.com/

This has been bothering me since 8th grade history

Somewhere along the way we as a nation have forgotten how the government is supposed to work.
Ok, a little review here. The Legislative branch decides what is going to happen. The Executive branch figures out how to do it and then does it. The Judicial branch makes sure the other two don't do anything unconstitutional.
First of all the president has no place making proposals to congress. Congress tells him what to do not the other way around. Some president long ago made a polite suggestion and congress said ooh thats a good idea, lets do that, and the next president did it a few times until, today people have forgotten that The President officially has no say in the matter. Congress needs to grow some balls, a 2/3 vote and the president has to obey.

Second of all, I have been going over the state of the union addresses from now and the past, and i have a question. When did it become a debate? It was once such a simple thing. Just the president standing up and saying this is how things are, this what congress has in mind, and here's how I intend to accomplish those goals. Nice and simple, there were no rebuttals because there there were no opinions to rebuke, just facts. If the parties wish to object to the game plan they should do so before it is announced and set in stone.

In short if all the government officials would do their jobs an keep their noses out of each other's, things would run much more smoothly.

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